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Voltage Current & Frequency Meter (Single Phase) MODEL: VAF 1P

VAF meter displays the Phase-Phase Voltages Phase - Neutral on the first row, Second row displays frequency & the Third row Displays the Ampere Value.

  • Supply: 1 Phase 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Cutout dimensions: 92 (W) X 92 (H) mm
  • Over Voltage: Range-210V-270V, Default- 260V.
  • Dimension: 96(W) X 96 (H) X 80(D) mm
  • Display : 3 digit 0.5 7 sec LED
  • Under Voltage: Range-170V-120V, Default- 170V.
  • Over Load: Range-1.0A-999.9A, Default- 10.0A.
  • Over Voltage Sense Delay: Range- 1 sec-60 sec, Default-2 sec.
  • Under Voltage Sense Delay: Range- 1S-60S, Default-2S.
  • Over Load Sense Delay: Range- 1 sec-60 sec, Default-2 sec.
  • Resolution: 1V For Voltage 0.1 HZ for Frequency , 1A For current >=100& 0.1 A For current < 100.
  • CT Ration : Settable 30A/5A to 999A /5A, Default- 50A/5A.


  • VAF meter displays the Phase-Neutral Voltages, Frequency & the Ampere Values of the line, In the scrolling pattern.

  • 1) CT Ratio: Settable Ranges: 5A/5A, 10A/5A, 20A/5A, 30A/5A, 40A/5A, 50A/5A, 60A/5A, 75A/5A, 100A/5A, 150A/5A, 200A/5A, 250A/5A, 300A/5A, 350A/5A, 400A/5A, 450A/5A, 500A/5A, 550A/5A, 600A/5A, 650A/5A, 800A/5A, 900A/5A & 999A/5A. Default 5A/5A.
    2) Resolution: Voltage :1V , Frequency: 1 Hz, for Current: 0.1 A,

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