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RPM Indicator

RPM indicators are useful for indicating wide range of rotating machine speeds. These are non contact type Digital tachometers which work with external proximity or optical sensor to measure the revolution speed either in terms of RPM (revolutions per minute) or RPS (revolutions per second) or in desired units like meters per minute etc. These instruments are also known as Speed Indicators / Frequency Indicators / Digital Tachometers.

  • Supply : 230 VAC
  • Front Panel:
    4 digits, 7 segment LED display, eg. (RPM, 3016).
  • Resolution : 1 RPM
  • Cutout size : 92(W) X 92(H) mm
  • Dimension : 96(W) X 96(H) x 80(D) mm
  • Range : 0 -1500 RPM
  • Input : 4 - 20mA


  • NA.

  • Also pulsed input type RPM indicator is available

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