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AC Timer (2AC) DIP

An air conditioner timer allows you to set the time it runs for and, more often, how many hours it should wait to start cooling again. The conditioner's timer automatically turns on the machine when you program it and turns it off when the period you have set expires.
Time Sharing Between 2 AC's which Increases the Life of an AC.
The heart of an Air conditioner is its compressor hence some protection means must be provided to the compressor to protect it from abnormal conditions such as Over voltage,Under voltage , Over Loading, etc. The efficiency of an Air conditioner depends on its Compressor. The compressor geys damaged due to unhealthy conditions such as Over voltage, Under voltage etc. & frequent start/stop without prior time delay for pressure equalization.

  • Input Supply: 230VAC +/- 15 %, 50Hz. Output: 230V, 25 Amp. Separate for 2 A/Cs.
  • Protections: Over voltage (OV): Cutoff 270 V & Cut in 260 V Under voltage (UV): Cutoff 160 V & Cut in 170 V
  • O/P Contacts: O/P contact for both A/C 2
  • Indications: A/C1 ON, A/C2 ON, ON Delay, Over voltage (OV) trip, Under voltage (UV) Trip, Manual Mode, Auto Mode.
  • ON Delay Time : 2 minute & 30 sec
  • Change over time delay : 4/8 Hr ( site selectable switch)
  • O/P Contacts Rating : 30 amps At 230 VAC
  • Dimension: 85(W) X 190 (L)
  • Working:
    1. If Auto/Man switch is in Auto mode & Test/Timer switch is in Timer position then each A/C runs for Hrs. which is selected by user.
    2. If Auto/Man switch is in Auto mode & Test/Timer switch is in Test position then both A/C runs for Hrs. which is selected by user.
    3. If Auto/Man switch is in Manual mode then A/C will be ON which is selected by third DIP switch. It will be continuously ON.
  • Mounting: Wall Mounting


  • Controls/ Protects Two Air conditioners.
  • AUTO/MAN mode selection.
  • Protection against Over voltage, Under Voltage with indication.
  • Low power consumption.

  • N/A

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