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The RO Control cum Starter Panel is a Micro Controller based solid state compact unit. It measures Mains Voltage and Currents at Raw Water Pump (RWP) and High Pressure Pump (HPP). It provides Over and Under Voltage protection as well as Overload and Under Load (Dry Run) protection for both the pump motors. Voltage and Current protection settings are user settable with a password protection. Process interlocks like Low Pressure at HPP suction, High Pressure at HPP delivery and Product Tank Level High are pre-programmed for reliable operation of the plant. Controller also provides Flush Valve Solenoid and Dosing Pump power control. Low Pressure trip delay and Flush timings are settable. All the electrical trip delay timings are settable.
Front panel LEDs indicate, Electrical Fault, Process Operation/ Alarm, Status of Pumps, Flush Valve and Manual Mode. At startup, power on delay is executed with blinking lamp test

  • Nominal Input Current: 30 A
  • Auxiliary Input Supply:230VAC +/- 10% , 50Hz. Display: Voltage, Currents of both the Motors, Fault and Alarm Messages
  • Display Accuracy:Voltage : 0.25% ± 1 digits.
    Current : 0.25% rdg ± 1 digits.
  • Resolution: Current: 0.1 A
    Voltage : 1 V
  • Environmental:1] Working Temp : 0 to 55º C
    2] Storage Temp : 10 to 70º C
    3] Relative humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing
    4] Warm up time : 10 Sec
  • Enclosure:1] Mounting : Panel mounting. Cut Out Size: 182(H) X 92(W)
    2] Enclosure : 105 (W) X 200 (L) X 193 (H) mm.
    3] Terminal : Screw ON Terminals.


  • Three digits 7 segment bright display for current.
  • Calibration: using front keys.
  • User Programmable.
  • Password protected set parameters.
  • Inbuilt 1 Phase 30 A Relay contact for load control.
  • The Starter Panel measures line voltage, Current and provides protection against, Over load, Under Voltage and over Voltage.

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