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Phase Selector Relay MODEL: PR-07PC

Mounting Type : DIN Rail Mounting
'PHASE SELECTOR' is the protection relay developed by 'Proton Power Control' to provide automatic switching between the R-,Y-,B- phases for providing one of the live phase supply uninterruptedly. The unit offers following protections along with 3 digit display showing R-N,Y-N,B-N voltages in scanning mode with precise accuracy.
1] Under Voltage
2] Over Voltage
3] Phase Failure
Fault Messages will be shown after the display of R-N, Y-N & B-N Voltages.

  • Supply voltage: ,415V 3Ph,4 wire 50 Hz Additional auxiliary supply not required
  • Output Contacts: 4 SPDT (C-NO-NC) Relay, Rating 5A at 250V AC
  • Indications: Healthy Phase presents(RELAY ON status)
  • Keys:
    1) SET: Press to enter into SET Mode
    2) INC: Upward Arrow key, Press to increment the setpoint.
    3) DEC: Downward Arrow key, To Decrement the setpoint.
  • Operating Temperature range: -5 C to 60 C.
  • Relative Humidity: 10 to 95% RH
  • Mounting: Din Rail Mounting
  • Base mounting dimensions: 55 (W) x 65 (H) x 125 (D) mm.


  • Micro controller based technology.
  • Protection against under voltage, over voltage, Over Under frquency Singal phase reverse phase unbalance supply
  • All the set points settable through keys.
  • Trip Delay for Voltage.
  • Indications for particular phase(R,Y,B).
  • Message Display for faults.
  • No separate auxiliary supply required

  • N/A

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