Dual AC Controllers For Air Conditioner, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Proton Power Control, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Dual AC Controller MODEL: DAC-1

Leveraging on our industrial experience, we have also been able to manufacture a wide range of Dual AC Controllers that are capable of controlling two Air Conditioners at a time. These are provided with separate Phase supply for both the ACs and control by pass features too.

  • Supply Voltage: 230V AC, 50 Hz +/- 15% separate for each A/C.
  • Contact rating: 30 A at 230 V AC for compressor Live Outputs & 5 A at 250 V AC Alarm Potential free outputs(C, N/O)
  • Temperature Sensor: Thermistor sensor NTC 10K @ 25 C metal body with clamp. Sensor cable length 2.75 meters.
  • Temperature Sensing Range: 0 - 55C
  • Resolution: 1 V for voltage, 0.1 A for Current & 0.1 degree C for Temperature.
  • Auto/Controller Bypass Switch is used to bypass the controller i.e. A/C 1 & A/C 2 will remains ON(irrespective of temperature demands) if both switches are in ON condition.
  • Indications :
    a) Supply ON for A/C 1 & A/C 2: Colour: Yellow
    b) Auto Mode for A/C 1 & A/C 2: Colour: Green
    c) Manual Mode for A/C 1 & A/C 2: Colour: Red
    d) A/C 1 & A/C 2 ON: Colour: Green
    e) A/C 1 & A/C 2 Fault: Colour: Red
    f) Room High: Colour: Red
    g) Healthy: Colour: Green
  • Mounting :Wall Mounting


  • Controls two air conditioners
  • Separate Phase Supply for each A/C
  • Bright Red 4 Digit LED Display
  • Accurate Temperature sensing by precise temperature sensor
  • Time Sharing for Compressors to share load equally
  • Voltage & Current protections for each compressor
  • Separate alarm relay contacts for AC Fail
  • Separate alarm relay contacts for Room High
  • Hour counters for Compressor ON Period to check its reliability
  • Display of all the A/C parameters & fault messages continuously in a scrolling manner
  • Display Hold Feature
  • 12. Various set points are settable through the following menus:
    a) SET b) DLAY c) OFST d) RSET
  • Password Protection for all the settings
  • Sensor Fail Mode to keep ON & OFF cycle of one of the time settings
  • Auto (with all protections)/Manual (without protection) Modes
  • Controller Bypass feature by provision of Switch on Front Panel
  • LED Indications to observe the status

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