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Over Load Protection Relay 3P MODEL: OLR 3P(PSP)

The 3 Phase Overload Relay is a solid state protection relay. It measures current and provide protection against overload, current unbalance & SPP faults. This is based on a single chip micro controller , with a high degree of programmability. The Meter’s supplied preprogrammed for operation and can be directly installed.

  • Input Supply: 3 Phase 415 V, 50 Hz AC supply.
  • Input Current: 0- 9 A per Phase.
  • Accuracy: Current: 0.25% ± 1 dgts.
  • Resoluation: Current: 0.01 A ,Voltage: 1V
  • Motor Contactor: 3P 415 V, 9 A with 1 Auxiliary contact
  • Environmental:
    1) Working Temp : 0 to 55º C
    2) Storage Temp : 10 to 70º C
    3)Relative humidity : 0 – 95 % non-condensive
    4) Warm up time : 5 Sec
  • Protection: Voltage( Under and Over) , Current ( OverLoad and Underload)
  • Enclosure:
    1) Mounting : Wall mounting.
    2) Enclosure :190 (W) X 130 (L) X 70 (H) mm.
    3)Terminal : Screw ON Terminals.


  • Enclosure:
    1) Mounting : Wall mounting.
    2) Enclosure :190 (W) X 130 (L) X 70 (H) mm.
    3)Terminal : Screw ON Terminals.
  • KEYS:
    • SET : This key is used to change the controller from RUN mode to FUNCTION mode for parameter setting
    • UP Arrow: This key is used to Increment the parameter value.
    • Down Arrow: This key is used to Decrement the parameter value & reset fault if present.
  • LED Indications:
    1. Fault (Red): Fault LED is ON when any faults (Over Load, Current Unbalance & SPP) occurs.
    2. ON (Green): This LED is ON when motor drawn Current & turn OFF when any above fault occurs.
    In normal running mode (if display current enable is selected), display shows
    1. r-a--R phase Current--
    2. y-a--Y phase Current--
    3. b-a--B phase Current--
    4. Faults if any
    If display current enable is deselected then
    a. rdy in no fault condition.
    b. 3 Phase Over load relay continuously display all three phase currents (if Display Current Enable) & faults (Over Load, current Unbalance & SPP) if present. During Power ON, when motor ON delay over motor start & ON LED is glow if current is drawn by motor otherwise it is OFF. If Fault condition occurs fault LED start blinking up to trip delay over and then Motor turn OFF. In this stage fault LED continuously ON & ON LED is turn OFF. For Over load fault controller log the maximum current at which over load occurs. User can view this maximum over load current in setting parameter. Every over load fault this current is over write with present maximum over load value. User has to reset fault manually using Down Arrow key.

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