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Water ATM: Smart Card ( RFID ) Type, Model: 1s

System Description:
The system comprises of state of the art technology, IP65 panel mounted Water ATM controller, internally mounted Flow Sensor, a 12 VDC (230VAC optional)solenoid valve and suitable piping with convenient external inlet and outlet connections. Water ATM controller has a 2.8 inch LCD display along with 5 nos. of programming keys. This facilitates selection and navigation through the menu driven setting options. The controller also features built in RFID reader/writer, Real Time Clock, Pulse type Flow Sensor interface, control output for Solenoid Valve.
Automation Philosophy:
The Proton Automatic Dispenser, delivers water to an individual by his placing the RFID card (Smart Card) on the Proton ATM Controller on the dispenser panel. Controller opens the solenoid valve to dispense a set batch of water Automatic Dispensing Machine provides for initialising a set of RFID cards and then charging them with an amount to be spent for getting a predefined batches of water. An RFID card can be initialised from the Proton Water ATM controller. A set of RFID cards can be initialised so that they are recognised by a particular set of Proton ATM Controllers only. Thus avoiding inter vendor usage. An individual card then can be charged with an amount in Rupees through the Proton ATM controller. On receiving a batch of water from the Dispenser, an amount set per batch is deducted from the RFID card, as soon as it is presented to the controller. The controller notifies if the water level in the feed tank is low or if the charge left in the card is inadequate. The controller has an auto calibration function, where a unit batch (1 litre) can be calibrated with the help of known capacity containers of 1, 2 ,5 , 10 or 20 litres. Controller stores the data of amount of water dispensed and total charges made, date wise for a period of month.

  • Supply voltage : 90-270 VAC / DC.
  • Solenoid :12VDC / 230VAC (Internal or External)
  • Flow Sensor:Pulse Type
  • Level Sensing: Treated Water Level Floaty
  • Display: 2.8" TFT (Monochrome)
  • Programming Keys: 5
  • Water Inlet Connection: 3⁄4” Solvent Cementable
  • Water Outlet Connection: 3⁄4” Solvent Cementable.
  • Water Column : 1 m (min)
  • Environmental:
    1. Working Temp : 0 to 55º C
    2. Storage Temp : -5 to 70º C
    3. Relative humidity : 0 – 95 % Non-Condensing
    4. Warm up time : 10 Sec
  • Enclosure:
    1. Mounting : Wall mounting.
    2. Dimensions : 250 (W) X 300(H) X 150 (D) mm.
    All dimensions are in mm.


  • L1 : Green LED. Blinks when the controller is ready to dispense by Smart card. Glows steadily when dispensing is in progress.
  • L2 : Red LED. Glows when Smart card balance is insufficient. Also a message displayed on LCD screen.
  • L3 : Red LED. Glows when Tank Empty condition is sensed by the water tank float switch (floaty) connected to the controller. If the Tank Empty check is selected as “no”, then this LED will not glow.
  • K1 : Key to scroll up the menu options / setting options .
  • K3 : Key to scroll down the menu options
  • K2 : Key to return to earlier menu / home screen
  • K4: Key curser to right shift while selecting parameter values to be set. Pressing this key for few seconds, menu options are displayed for various parameter settings.
  • K5: Key to set / enter the selected parameter. Also pressing this key for few seconds, menu to “View Balance” and “Charge Card” options is displayed.

  • Can be customised according to your needs.

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