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Voltage Current & frequency Meter (3PH) MODEL: VAF 3P

VAF meter displays the Phase-Phase Voltages RY, YB, BR in the first row, Second row displays R-Phase frequency & Third row Displays the Ampere Values of the three Phases, In the scrolling pattern. According to the display corresponding phase Led will be ON.

  • Mounting: Door Mounting
  • Supply: 3 Phase 415 V AC, 50 Hz [R, Y, B, N]
  • Resolution: Voltage : 1V ,Frequency : 1Hz ,Current: 0.1A
  • Dimension: 96 mm (W) X 96mm (H)
    Cutout size : 92 mm X 92 mm
  • Display: 3 digit bright red 7 segment LED display
  • Dimension: 96 mm (W) X 96 mm(H)


  • CT Ratio: Settable 30A/5A to 999A/5A .Default 50A/5A Curent calibration site settable .
  • Hour counter: Hour counter up to 65535 Hrs (Resolution 0.1 Hrs = 6 minutes).

  • Indication :
    1) RY: R-Y Voltage
    2) YB: Y-B Voltage
    3) BR: B-R Voltage
    4_R-Indicates R - phase current
    5) Y-Indicates Y - phase current
    6) B-Indicates B - phase current

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