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LVM-3P Voltage Protector MODEL: LVM -3P

Protection of 3 Phase devices against Over voltage, Under voltage,Single Phasing, Reverse Phasing & unbalance supply are one of the major issue in electrical systems. For safe running of 3-phase devices, special protections that keep a continuous watch on supply conditions are very essential. The major cause of maximum load burn-out is overloading which occurs due to unbalance supply, Single Phasing & Reverse Phasing conditions. VMR3P detects such Conditions & protect the load from burn out. 'PROTON's LVM 3P' offer above protections along with 3 digit display showing R-Y,Y-B,BR voltages in scanning mode with precise accuracy. LOW/HIGH voltage tripping to ensure trouble free running of 3-phase Loads.
Additional auxiliary supply not required.

  • Supply voltage: 3 Phase, 415 VAC +-10% 50Hz
  • Mounting: DIN RAIL
  • Base mounting dimensions: 55 (W) x 65 (H) x 125 (D) mm.
  • Trip Time delay: 50 msec.
  • Output:Two Potential free Relay contact of 5A rating
  • Output Contacts:Two Change over .( C- NO- NC),Rating 5 A at 230 VAC
  • Indication:
    1) Healthy ono -Green LED
    2)Over Voltage (OV) Red LED
    3)Under Voltage (UV) Red LED
    4)Single Phase (SPP) Red LED
    5)Reverse Phase (RP) Red LED


  • Latest micro controller based technology.
  • Wide range of supply variation.
  • Unit also works with one phase is present.
  • Additional auxiliary supply not required.
  • Protection against Under voltage.
  • Protection against Over voltage.
  • Single Phasing & Reverse Phasing protection.
  • Reverse Phasing Protection can be bypased through settings.
  • Trip delays for all protections.
  • Set Parameters are easy to handle with simple trimpot.
  • LED indication for status of relay & Power.

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