Door Mounting Single Phase Voltage Monitoring Relays

Voltage Monitoring Relay Single phase MODEL: VMR 1P 96x96

Protection of electrical devices against Over voltage, Under voltage in the supply is one of the major issue in electrical systems. For safe running of electrical devices, special protections that keep a continuous watch on supply conditions are very essentials. 'PROTONs VMR 1P' offer following protections along with 3 digit display showing R-N(L-N) voltage in scanning mode with precise accuracy. LOW/HIGH voltage(settable) tripping to ensure trouble free running of Loads.

  • Mounting: Door Mounting
  • Supply voltage: 230 AC, 50 Hz (P & N)Additional auxiliary supply not requried
  • Output Contacts: Two SPDT (C-NO-NC) Relay, Rating 5A at 250V AC
  • Relative Humidity 10 to 95% RH
  • ON Delay : Selectable by keys from 1 to 60 sec
  • Trip Time delay: Settable 0-30sec
  • Dimensions:
    1) Panel mounting 96(W) X 96(H) x 80(D) mm
    2) Cutout Size - 92 (W)mm X 92 (H) mm


  • Micro controller based technology.
  • Protection against Under voltage, Over voltage.
  • All set points settable by keys.
  • Trip Delay is settable
  • Reverse Phasing Protection can be bypased through settings.
  • Indications Voltage relay, fault relay ON.
  • Message display for Under/Over Voltage.

  • N/A

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