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Mini Pump Starter Unit With Level water controller Indicator
MODEL: Single Phase

Water Level Controller is a state of the art instrument to control water pumps. It controls your pump as per levels in the overhead and underground water tanks and also guards your pump against power fluctuations(Over and Under Current). It is a novel solution, ideal for all your water problems. Pump is Switched On when overhead tank is empty. It is Switched Off when either overhead tank is full or underground tank is empty.
Water level controller cum indicator saves water and protects motor and reduces electricity bill. Our Automatic water level controller cum indicator serves 24 hours water supply without letting the overhead tank to become dry.

  • Supply Voltage
    1) 230 VAC ±15 %
  • Front Panel:
    1) Relay ON indication with green LED
    2) Fault Indication by Red LED.
    3) Power ON/OFF Switch
    4) Auto/ Manual Switch
  • Sensing: In built current sensing.
  • Protections:
    1) Overload protection.
    2) Under load (DRYRUN) protection.
  • Indications:
    1) Pump ON (Blinking->Pump off, Steady->Pump On ).
    2) Dry Run (Glow -> Dry Run Fault).
    3) Over Load (Glow -> Over Load Fault ).
    4) Upper tank Full (Blinking->Upper Tank Empty, Steady-> Upper Tank Full)
    5) Lower Tank Empty( Blinking->Lower ,Steady-> Lower Tank Empty)


  • Complete protection from unhealthy condition.
  • Status & Healthy indication by LED on front panel.
  • Level Indication for Upper & Lower Tank.

  • This unit provides motor protection along with water tank level control. It automatically calculates overload and underload (dry run) settings when started with full load. This unit is offered with floties as extra accessories. .

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