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Mobile Pump Controller without Display MODEL: MPC- 3

Compatible with :
1)Button Starters(L&T,ABB,Siemens,Schneider etc.,).
2)Oil Starters.
3)All types of DOL and Star Delta Starters

This wireless GSM remote controller helps the farmer to control agricultural pump sets easily. It also helps the farmer to irrigate the crops in proper schedule. Farmer can set the total running time of pumpset to be run. This saves water, time and electricity. GSM motor starter is a must device for farmers in today's world. This mobile starter protects the motor from low voltage,over voltage,dry Run,over Load.Some features are: Local language support, single phase preventer, auto starter ,etc.
Primary cause of motor failure is excessive heating, which is sustained over long time periods will result in motor burn out. Overheating also reduces the life of motor. If a motor is continuously overheated by just 10 degrees, its life can get reduced by almost 50%. Overheating normally occurs due to Over Current, which in turn may be due to over load condition or low voltage or phase failure or phase unbalance. Current unbalance in motor is best represented by the presence of excessive negative sequence components in the motor current. Consequently it is necessary to protect motors against negative sequence. Considering the above details, it can easily conclude that a Motor Protection Unit (MPU) will provide an effective protection to the motor as it is equipped to measure the negative sequence component level in the motor feeder.

  • Input Supply: 3 Phase 415 V, 50 HZ AC (3 Phase 3 wire)(No Neutral Required)
  • Auxiliary Power: No External power is required (Draws power from the Voltage Inputs).
  • Environmental:
    1) Working Temp : 0 to 55 °C
    2) Storage Temp : 10 to 70 °C
    3) Relative humidity: 95 % non-condensive
    4) Warm up time : 30 Sec
  • Enclosure:
    1) Mounting : Surface mounting.
    2) Type : Panel.
    3) Enclosure : 100(W) X 190 (H) X 95(D) mm.
    4) Terminal : Screw ON Terminals
  • LEDs:
    1) UV (RED): Under Voltage Fault.
    2) OV (RED): Over Voltage Fault.
    3) SPP/UB/RP (RED): SPP, Voltage Unbalance& Reverse Phase Fault.
    4) UL/CUB (RED): Under Load & Current Unbalance Fault.
    5) OL (RED): Over Load Fault.
    6) Relay (Green): Supply Healthy (No fault)
  • External antenna with cable Provided- 1 Nos.


  • 1) Fully programmable
  • 2) No auxiliary power supply required for controller operation.
  • 3) Complete protection from electrical unhealthy condition.
  • 4) LED indications for (fault).
  • 5) Inverse Time trip curve for over load fault.
  • 6) Fault protection against:
    Under Voltage /Over voltage
    Over Load/ Under Load (Dry Run)
    Single phasing protection
    Voltage Unbalancing
    and Reverse phase protection
  • 7) Motor control using mobile phone.
  • 8) Password protection for mobile Registration
  • 9) Access to three authorized users.
  • 10) Functions controlled through SMS-
    Motor Start/Stop
    Motor current status check
    Supply fault check
    Load parameter setting Via SMS
    Current protection Bypass trough SMS.
  • 11)Interactive Voice Response System
  • 12)Functions controlled through call- Motor Start/Stop with unic response Motor current status check with voice response Supply fault check with voice response
  • 13) Suitable for 3 phase pumps up to 25HP.(or upto 100HP upon request)
  • 14) Can be operated in 3 modes such as GSM/AUTO/MANUAL.
  • 15) GSM based SMS controlled start/stop and remote monitoring.
  • 16) GSM based Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) controlled start / stop and remote monitoring.
  • 17) IVRS- Voice response available in regional language.
  • 18) Live Motor operation Status available via SMS as Motor ON/OFF status, Live Fault, phase voltages and current drawn per phase
  • 19) Inbuilt phone book for auto reply in case of faults.

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