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Engine Safety Unit MODEL: ESU

Engine Safety units are designed for the protection of DG sets in case of a fault or in case any of the safety installed on the DG sets trip. Safety potential free contacts of LLOP.HWT, LFL etc can be installed and used to stop the DG set. LLOP is sensed only when DG voltage becomes healthy.

  • Supply Voltage: 230 VAC +- 15 %.
  • Auxiliary Supply 12VDC.
  • Output Contact Rating :
    1) Control Output relays- 2 NO,s
    2) Relay 1: 250V,7A, NO
    3) Relay 2: 250V,7A, NO
  • Front Panel 1) Fault indication red LED's.
    2) Unit healthy indication blinking green LED.
    3) Over speed adjustment by analogue pot.
    1) Over-Speed.
    2) LLOP. (Mechanical Pressure switch)
    3) HWT.
    4) Fire.
    5) Low Fuel.
    6) Alternator.


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