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Ac Ammeter MODEL: ACA48_3K

Digital ammeters are instruments that measure current flow in amperes and display current levels on a digital display. These devices provide information about current draw and current continuity in order to help users troubleshoot erratic loads and trends. They have both positive and negative leads and feature extremely low internal resistance.
Digital ammeters are connected in series with a circuit (and never parallel) so that current flow passes through the meter. High current flow may indicate a short circuit, unintentional ground, or defective component. Low current flow may indicate high resistance or poor current flow within the circuit.

  • Microcontroller Based
  • Wide range: CT ratio settable (0 - 1000 Amp)
  • Supply:
    1) 90 -270 VAC
    2) True RMS
  • Accuracy: Class 1
  • Text: 7456456
  • Resolution: 0.01 Amp.
  • Display: 4 digit, 7 seg. LED
  • Enclosure: 96(W) x 48(H)
  • Cutout dimension: 92mm x 45mm
  • CE Certified


  • Standard DIN Enclosure

  • NA

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