Audio Visual Electronic Hooters For Panels, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Proton Power Control, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Window Type Hooter MODEL: HTR_W

Prompt detection and rectification of any system failure or maloperation is of vital importance for any power or process plant. PROTON Alarm Annunciators continuously monitor the various process parameters and equipment status in power-stations, process plants and these parameters are displayed at centralised control room or on control panel. PROTON Annunciators stand for instant alarming of any abnormal condition occurs during process and protect the valuable equipments. PROTON Annunciators ensure the higher order of reliability and thus provide a comprehensive service to the industry for monitoring, alarm and control of process plant parameters. These highly advanced and compact systems use the latest single chip micro-computer technology for it's design and offer multipoint annunciation with operating sequences as per prevailing standards and with many optional features as indicated aside.

  • Supply Voltage: 90-270 VAC/DC or 12V DC, 20-60 VDC.
  • Sound Audibility : Sound Audibility of 90-100 DB.@ 1 Meter
  • Push Button Controls: On board Push button to silent sound(optional)
  • Terminals: Suitable for 0.2 to 2.5 sq. Mm. Cable.
  • Response Time: Less than 10 ms.
  • Multi-tone: 1 C/NO Contact for tone selection at terminal (Optional.)
  • Enclosure: 96*96 Plastic with high strength.
  • Cutout size: 92(W) x 92(H) mm.
  • Over all Size: 96(W) x 96(H) x 80(D) mm


  • Based on latest single chip microcontroller technology.
  • Compact design for reliable and accurate operation.
  • Fast response time.
  • Field selectable Multi tone selection.
  • Specially designed power supply for high noise immunity,
  • Wide input variations & having built-in transient protection.
  • The extensive protection so provided safeguards all I.C.'s & components from failure, thereby offering complete reliability.
  • All cards interconnected with plug-in polarized connectors for easy servicing.
  • Rugged Plastic/Metal enclosure with high strength.

  • Multi-tone selection site selectable.
  • Silent push button can be provide to mute sound.
  • Extra Potential free relay output contact can be provide.
  • operating Supply voltage can be from 20V DC to 60V DC. Or 90 to 270VAC.

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