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6AC Controller MODEL: TT-6

MICROCONTROLLERS with their inherent advantages are being increasingly used in the industry.With growing shortage and escalating cost of Electrical Energy, accurate monitoring of Air Conditioning parameters has become necessary.6A/C CONTROLLER is most useful for controlling A/Cs. This instrument is able to maintain Room Temperature with an accuracy of 0.1 Degree Celsius by automatic measurement of Room temperature and accordingly controlling A/C ON/OFF. It also protects Costly Air conditioner from Unhealthy condition's such as over load/under load etc. by automatically cutting off the Load.

  • Modbus Compatibility with BMS over RS-485 Electrical Standard
  • Supply: Single phase 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
  • Output Contact Rating:
    30 Amps. At 250 V AC for A/C contacts.
    7 Amps. At 250 V AC for ALARM contact.
  • Front Panel:
    1)16 char. 2 lines LCD display with backlight.
    2) 4 Key keypad for programming.
    3) A/C1 ON indication.
    4) A/C2 ON indication.
    5) A/C3 ON indication.
    6) A/C4 ON indication
    7) A/C5 ON indication
    8) A/C6 ON indication.
    9) Healthy Indication by blinking Green LED.
    10) ALARM indication by Red LED.
  • Sensing:
    1)Inbuilt voltage sensing for compressor.
    2) Temperature sensing by precise Temp. Sensor.
    3) Fire Alarm sensing.
  • Terminals:
    1) Separate O/Ps for each Compressor.
    2) Temperature sensor.
    3) Alarm relay o/p.
  • Alarms/ Protections:
    1) Over voltage protection set point user settable.
    2) Under voltage protection set point user settable.
    3) High/low temperature alarm set point user settable


  • Fully programmable.
  • Complete protection for A/C from unhealthy condition.
  • All set points programmable from keypad.
  • Password protection for controller.
  • 16 char. 2 lines LCD display with back light, on controller front panel.
  • Four key interface for on site programming.
  • Separate alarm contacts for A/C fail alarm.
  • Automatic display of A/C parameters one by one in Run Mode.
  • Status & Healthy indication by LED on front panel.
  • Alarm indication by LED on front panel.
  • Room temperature sensing by precise sensor.
  • Flexibility in using number of compressors.
  • Separate outputs for each compressor.
  • Direct display of actual voltage.
  • Direct display of actual room temperature.
  • Sequencing of comp. for equal run hours, site selectable.
  • Automatic Timer mode operation if Room sensor fails.
  • All Faults Auto reset.

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